In his shows, Bernie inspires his audience to connect
with The Three Kings - body, mind, and spirit, in a
quest to appreciate the world's culture. Today the
genie of technological distraction is certainly out of
the bottle and gone wild - but Bernie opens the
creaky doors of imagination, shaking off the
cobwebs with laughter! Quaff the elixir of world
culture and connect with the archetypes of inner life...
Let the harp strings of story, poetry, gesture, and
fine language resonate a higher vibration and awaken
a lively enjoyment of humanity's treasures!


Original comedy sketches of satire and character.

Original mime sketches showing the virtuosity
of the silent mime ranging from the story of
Cain and Abel, to a Bullfight, to a Butterfly Hunter,
using the mastery of illusion and character.

Storytelling from the treasure of the world cultures
of wisdom, humor, and wonder told using the gifts of acting
and mime from the land of Chelm to Ancient India; a wonder
inducing Gypsy story,Japanese ghost stories rendered by
Lafcadio Hearn, the story of Phaeton and Apollo, and more.

Poetry brought to life from such poets as Dylan Thomas, John Keats,
William Wordsworth, Lewis Carroll, Gerard Manley Hopkins,
William Shakespeare, Edgar Lee Masters.

Monologues of William Shakespeare from his tragedies and
comedies as a wonderful way to familiarize and excite students to
explore further the creations of this magnificent writer.

- Character monologues from the world literature featuring the
Harmfulness of Tobacco, by Anton Chekhov, Doctor Faustus by
Christopher Marlowe, The Miser by Moliere, and others, also as a
window into the world of theater.

School Performances

School shows for younger students feature stories (exciting, scary, funny, thought provoking) and mime, and poetry with mime.

School shows for middle school students will feature mime, story, comedy, and age appropriate poetry.

School shows for high school and college will in addition to mime, story, and comedy also feature the work of William Shakespeare, and theater monologues if desired.

After the show a Q. and A. is offered, as well as classroom visitations, and workshops in mime and storytelling. Literary terms will be discussed as they are exemplified in the show material, with an eye toward integrating learning with entertainment, so that learning becomes unforgettable. As an educator Bernie will be in his element before, during, and after the performance.

"Salon" Shows

In the 1800's in Paris, salon mime became very popular, featuring the work of such notables as Paul Legrand. Mimes performed for a discriminating gathering at a party or intimate setting. Bernie revives this tradition with his Salon Show: a blend of mime, comedy sketch, improvisations, stories, poetry, Shakespearean and other theater monologues. The Salon Show is perfect for small gatherings, parties, libraries, as well as theaters.