General Description

Bernie is known not only as a mime par excellence,
storyteller, clown, and comedian, but also as a serious
actor who can convey the classics. As an educator,
and award winning poet in his own right, he is also
a lover of literature who loves to share his passion
with others. A skillful improviser, Bernie explores
the depths of the imagination in full view of the
audience - and it is breathtaking to watch.

Formative Years

Born in the Bronx of Russian-Jewish parents, Bernie
started his theatrics and his love for the world of the
make-believe with his twin brother Murray,
"carrying on" as it was called then. And he
hasn't stopped since. Growing up he was
greatly inspired by the comedy of Sid Caesar,
Jackie Gleason, and Jonathon Winters; and
seeing Marcel Marceau's performances really
opened his eyes to the potential artistry of
the mime medium.

Education and Credits

After studying poetry with Denise Levertov at
City College of NY, and graduating with a Masters in
Creative Writing from San Francisco State College,
Bernie began his formal theatre training as a mime.
His first teachers were Burt Houle, Moni Yakim,
Samuel Avital, and Michael Henry. Then he was
mentored by Tony Montanaro, apprenticing for nearly
30 years in mime, storytelling, clowning, and personal
style theater. Tony called him "a gifted mime and storyteller."
Bernie also studied with Marcel Marceau and had
invaluable training during those seminars. Marcel Marceau
compared his work to Marc Chagall, the famous Russian
painter. Working for over 22 years under the aegis of
Anne Jackson of the Actor's Studio on the classics
(Shakespeare, Chekhov, Miller, Moliere, Mamet, etc.),
he has learned to act with truth. Anne Jackson said of
his work; "I am very proud of his achievement and
understanding as an actor, He's got energy, passion,
and atmosphere."
As an educator, Bernie has worked
for over 25 years as a teacher of English for the NYC
Board of Education, teaching literacy as well as English
Language Arts, and has a great affinity and love for
teaching children "of all ages" the wonders of world literature.
As a writer and improviser, Bernie writes his own mime
and comedy sketch material. He has toured all over the
country performing in schools, and theaters, from the
South Bronx, to Celebration Barn in Maine, and to
Appalachia (under a RECEDA Grant with Theater Five).