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Bernie Kramer works with both masks of theater, that of Comedy
and Tragedy. He is an accomplished mime, clown, and comedian, as well
as an actor and storyteller. As a mime and actor he has studied with the
world's greatest: among others Tony Montanaro, Marcel Marceau, and
Moni Yakim.

He has performed in schools and in theaters around the country
going from the ridiculous to the sublime: from comedy, mime, and
storytelling; to Dylan Thomas and William Shakespeare.

Travel from the laughter at the French Chef to horror
in the ghostly mists of Japan. Revel in the beauty of
Shakespeare's language. Bernie Kramer will take
you on an awe-inspiring ride you will never forget.

"What an outstanding performance,
a real entertainer!"

>>>>>>>>-Pat Martin
>>>>>>>> Martha Neilson School for Pregnant Teens

Bernie's shows feature...

- Original comedy sketches of satire and character.

Original mime sketches showing the virtuosity
of the silent mime ranging from the story of
Cain and Abel, to a Bullfight, to a Butterfly Hunter,
using the mastery of illusion and character.

Storytelling from the treasure of the world cultures
of wisdom, humor, and wonder told using the gifts of acting
and mime from the land of Chelm to Ancient India; a wonder
inducing Gypsy story,Japanese ghost stories rendered by
Lafcadio Hearn, the story of Phaeton and Apollo, and more.

Poetry brought to life from such poets as Dylan Thomas, John Keats,
William Wordsworth, Lewis Carroll, Gerard Manley Hopkins,
William Shakespeare, Edgar Lee Masters.

Monologues of William Shakespeare from his tragedies and
comedies as a wonderful way to familiarize and excite students to
explore further the creations of this magnificent writer.

- Character monologues from the world literature featuring the
Harmfulness of Tobacco, by Anton Chekhov, Doctor Faustus by
Christopher Marlowe, The Miser by Moliere, and others, also as a
window into the world of theater.

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August 28, 2014